Installation Steps

GlueSync NoSQL to NoSQL for Couchbase Server


In order to have GlueSync working on your Couchbase Server instance you will need to have:

  • valid user credentials with permissions of reading, writing to the target bucket

If you’re considering running GlueSync on a Couchbase Capella DBaaS, please consider also looking at the specific section Deploying in a Capella DBaaS cluster here below in that page.

Basic configuration example

This module can be customized by using a configuration file, in JSON format. The file name to use must be specified as parameter when launching the app, with the -f or --file tokens. The file should be composed by union of common configuration file (see here Installation Steps) and source/destination specific configuration:

  "couchbase": {
    "certificatesPath": "/path/to/certs/dir/cert.pem",
    "timeoutSeconds": 60,
    "indexReplicaCount": 0

Couchbase specific configurations are listed under the couchbase property:

  • certificatesPath (optional): the path to the certificates that need to be used when connecting to Couchbase Server instance using a secure connection. If omitted, no certificates are used;

  • timeoutSeconds (optional): number of seconds to set as timeout for operations involving communication with Couchbase server.

  • indexReplicaCount (optional default to 0): indicates the number of index replicas that will be generated by GlueSync. We suggest to size that number calculating it as number-of-index-node -1. For example 3 node index means a suggested replica to 2. For more details please see Couchbase doc.

Deploying in a Capella DBaaS cluster

GlueSync has been certified by the vendor in order to work and perform live replications together with a Couchbase Capella clusters. In order to enstablish a connection to a Capella Cluster you just need to have:

  • valid credentials for an admin user able to connect to the destination bucket;

  • valid .pem certificate file;

  • the host name of your Capella instance, for example:

If you’re considering running GlueSync together with Capella App Service please contact our premium support.


Here following the list of common errors.

  • ERROR TIMEOUT: BUCKET_OPEN_IN_PROGRESS: You might either have specified a wrong server port for your Couchbase connection or this is blocked by the firewall.