Gluesync 2: real-time hybrid data integration platform for RDBMS, NoSQL & data lakes

Gluesync 2 is an all-new software platform for real-time event-based data integration between RDBMS, NoSQL, APIs, Data Lakes and Event Streaming Platforms. Making data integration projects effortless by defining custom data pipelines via a rich web-based control plane.

Gluesync 2 is capable of replicating and keeping data consistent while transforming it based on your data modeling needs, mirroring data across multiple targets, and unlocking new scenarios where your data moves fluently from source to target with milliseconds latencies.

5 years of engineering and customer feedback brought us to this new path: we entirely re-architect and re-engineered Gluesync from the ground up for this new release. Making it flexible with an Agent’s oriented approach where each Agent is responsible for sourcing and storing data in its vertically integrated datastore, all glued with an infinite capable Core Hub that orchestrates and connects each platform component in what is the newborn Gluesync services-oriented architecture wired via web sockets secure connections.

Real-time homogeneous and heterogeneous data replication is finally made possible by creating a new space where hybrid data architectures can finally coexist in every enterprise: open up to new use cases where your data finally can meet both engineering and business demand.

In this documentation, you can learn more about the Gluesync platform, find the installation and configuration steps necessary to set up Gluesync into your infrastructure and discover how to connect different databases, in real-time.

Gluesync 2 web-based control plane

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