Indexes enable the query engine to perform queries against the data present inside the Couchbase bucket and tell the engine how that data is structured. In our scenario we use indexes to map document type key inside JSON documents in a bucket, this will allow the queries to perform their jobs inside the data bucket.

Indexes are created automatically by the Gluesync engine when it finds a new document type inside the configuration file with a default replica set to 1 to ensure index high availability.

Automatically generated indexes

Gluesync manages on its own the creation of the needed indexes for each document type you have required it to listen to. Each index is optimized and fine-tuned around the Couchbase Index service.

You can easily recognize a Gluesync index thanks to its naming convention gluesync_event_%s_index where %s stands for the docType configured in the Gluesync configuration file. An example could be gluesync_event_orders_index where orders is the docType in your JSON config file.