Gluesync for Oracle database

Gluesync SQL to NoSQL for Oracle database

Core principles

Gluesync consumes changes from Oracle in 2 ways:

  • using native CDC features provided by Oracle to let the magic happen under the hood, more specifically Gluesync adopts the Xstream APIs bundled in Oracle Enterprise database distribution, similar to what Oracle Golden Gate does but instead consuming a different set of APIs which is not subject to the "Oracle Golden Gate middleware license". This feature permits Gluesync to catch field-level changes in rows in tables on Oracle database instances starting from version 11.2g and above.

  • via GDC, Gluesync Data Capture, a technology bundled within the connector able to catch events at field level, working also in Oracle Standard edition and elder versions like 10g.

Based on your use case and requirements you can decide whether to use Xstream or GDC or mix-up both.

Architectural overview

Here in the following diagram represents an architectural overview of the environment you are going to have after having deployed Gluesync.

a diagram illustrating the architectural overview of Gluesync for Oracle database


Do I require to install and deploy even Oracle Golden Gate middleware? Absolutely not. Having such APIs used by Gluesync doesn’t mean you are required to install the Oracle Golden Gate software itself. In the diagram overview you’re going to see the overall architecture components, the Oracle Golden Gate middleware license is not required to use Gluesync.

Don’t have the Oracle Golden Gate middleware licenses already purchased? No problem at all, Gluesync source connector for Oracle Xstream comes with an embedded license for Oracle GoldenGate Middleware so you don’t have to worry. For further reference see Oracle Golded Gate License requirements.

Having further questions? For more information regarding Gluesync please reach us via email by pressing here: Contact MOLO17.