Important notes and limitations

Performing reads and writes on the same source table

Performing reading and writing on the same source table is supported in Gluesync for MySQL but in case you have auto-increment fields in your SQL table please refer to the specific chapter below for more information and advise.

Auto-increment primary keys

Identity fields, also known as auto-increment primary keys, are supported by Gluesync while performing reads from the source table replicating the value to the NoSQL target database.


There are currently certain limitations while performing writes on tables that have such behaviour on its columns due to the fact that a document created in the NoSQL database could have a non-incremental value on its doc-ID used by Gluesync to re-ensemble the proper table/column structure. To avoid keys collision we suggest you to adopt a safer technique which involves the use of staging tables (also known as “exchange tables / border tables”) where you can store data and then import it safely into your production table satisfiying any column or business logic constraint that your software may require.