Gluesync SQL to NoSQL

Customizing date types

By default, every incoming date field value captured by Gluesync’s Engine is pushed to the target datastore converted in ISO-8601 format.

Gluesync could optionally be told to convert those in another different format based on the use case by issuing the following config in the configuration file:

  "convertDateAs": "CUSTOM_FORMAT",
  "dateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm"


  • convertDateAs: is the function that tells the Engine how it should handle incoming date types, it supports the following parameters:

    • UNIX_TIMESTAMP: dates are converted into UNIX TIMESTAMP and the data type will be LONG (ex. 1684741562);

    • ISO_8601: dates are converted into the ISO-8601 standard format and the data type will be STRING (ex. 2023-05-22T07:37Z);

    • CUSTOM_FORMAT: dates are converted into the specified format issued when defining the dateFormat key.

  • dateFormat (optional): a string representing the date format you’d like to get from the sourced date value, to be used when CUSTOM_FORMAT is set as a convertDateAs value;

YYYY year format is different from yyyy, yyyy represents the calendar year whereas YYYY represents the year of the week, used in the ISO year-week calendar. In most cases, yyyy and YYYY yield the same number, however, they may be different, especially in cases where the given date is close to the end of the year, in certain circumstances, you may get a converted date that comes with a year added in addition to the given date which may result in unexpected behavior.