Gluesync NoSQL to SQL

Replicate data from DynamoDB

Core principles

Gluesync uses the SDK provided by AWS in order to connect and consume the DynamoDB APIs. CDC is implemented using the native API called DynamoDB Streams. To read more about DynamoDB Streams please refer to the official AWS documentation available here at this link.

Gluesync needs to create own tables to store some informations as sync checkpoint, documents checksums and others. The table name is gs_state_preservation and gs_migrated_tables, these are automatically maintained by Gleusync. Please, avoid deleting or edit this table or its content.

Architectural overview

Here in the following diagram is represented an architectural overview of the environment you are going to have after having deployed Gluesync.

a diagram illustrating the architectural overview of Gluesync for DynamoDB

Having further questions? For more information regarding Gluesync please reach us via email by pressing here: Contact MOLO17.