Gluesync NoSQL to SQL

Replicate data from Aerospike

Core principles

Gluesync uses the ESP connector provided by Aerospike to catch real-time data changes from Aerospike’s namespaces starting from Database Server version 7.0 and above.

To perform all the operations under Aerospike (like checkpointing, and event sourcing…​), Gluesync uses the latest SDKs provided directly by Aerospike. Having this kind of approach means that we are not going to face any deprecations or incompatibility issues, having selected a native and robust approach with that technology thanks to our strategic alliance with the vendor. Gluesync also supports Aerospike HA features as well as load balancing across multiple cluster nodes.

Gluesync needs to create its set within the selected namespace to store some information as sync checkpoints, document checksums and others. The set name is GLUESYNC. Don’t delete or edit this collection or its content since it is automatically being managed by Gluesync.

Architectural overview

Here in the following diagram represents an architectural overview of the environment you are going to have after having deployed Gluesync.

a diagram illustrating the architectural overview of Gluesync source connector for Aerospike


I have got Aerospike DBaaS, is it supported? Aerospike DBaaS is not currently supporting the ESP connector so Gluesync does not. We’re constantly working with the vendor to provide the best out of our partnership with them.

Having further questions? For more information regarding Gluesync please reach us via email by pressing here: Contact MOLO17.