Licensing and license management

License management in Gluesync

Gluesync adopts a fully-offline license management approach, built on top of JWT tokens. JWT, abbreviation of JSON web token, in a single sentence is an open method for representing claims securely between two parties as stated in the above linked website.

JWT has become a de facto standard in client-server communications providing a way to securely exchange messages signed using public/private key pairs.

Gluesync license is so a JWT-based file, which provides to our software all the needed information about:

  • License type (Trial / Enterprise);

  • Enabled features;

  • Product details;

  • License expiration date.

License format comes in a .dat file extension.

How does license verification work?

Usually, Gluesync is deployed in highly secured environments where establishing an internet connection to any external server published on the web is out of the conversation.

Gluesync adopts a fully-offline license verification method thanks to the ability to decode the payload content of the license file.

You can learn more about how decoding works by following this link where you can upload the content of a Gluesync license file and read its content. Above listed payload information is visible.

License types

If you’ve been in touch with us already you may have either received a Trial license key or you have an Enterprise customer as a customer of Gluesync.

There are 2 types of licenses available for Gluesync:

  • Trial: it comes with a 15-day trial for the required product with NO limitations as we want you to experience the full capabilities of our data replication suite;

  • Enterprise: based on the placed order features you have been entitled to an Enterprise license which lasts for the agreed amount of time.

Knowing your license expiration date

You can check for license expiration autonomously by reading the Gluesync messages being sent to the console output and logged within the container. Every time you boot Gluesync you’ll find a message like the following and on a timely basis it will print that out the same in the long run.

JwtLicenceKeyComponentSetup INFO - Licence key info [expireDate: Sun Oct 29 09:35:40 UTC 2023, plan: trial, direction: s2n, source: mssql, target: couchbase]

You can also upload to the online decoder website the license file and look for the license expiration date key.

You’ll hear from us

Despite any automatism and automatic notification we care about our customers and we will get in touch with you during your journey with our product, we would love to hear your feedback as well as any further plan that involves its usage for your business.

Where and how to get a license

We encourage you to get in touch with our sales team by writing an email at